Zenith 2016 & The Satanic New World Order Established

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The acceleration toward a Satanic Empire is going into overdrive.  All Christians must get ready to spread the word that the AntiChrist Empire is here!  They may wear 3 piece suits in front of the camera for the brain dead public but their goal is to bring in the Anti-Christ.  Tom Horn puts out a shocking book that shows that America’s destiny was to establish the Antichrist empire.  Study the material and come to your own conclusion if this shocks you.  It doesn’t shock me looking at the rise of evil in the American government and the push for global conquest and the supporting of demonically inspired Muslim cannibals as the Anti-Christs first wave shock troops.   People who want to know what is going on should be directed to this material.

PITN Zenith 2016 (10/15/13) Updated

Here is the newest breaking news on where we are in the establishment…

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